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Brammarishi Hill, Temple and History

The Origin and history of Sri Kaganai Eswarar Temple. Annai Siddha narrates his experience:

One day when I was in deep -contemplation, I perceived with infinite joy a divine-child of extra ordinary beauty and radiance gazing at me while lying on my lap! Even as I was looking at it, the sheer brilliant light that emanated from the child, hindered my sight and immediately I prayed to my Guru and sought his help, where upon with his guidance I could once again see the child and was surprised to see embossed on the chest a golden hued Linga that radiated effervescent – Light and simultaneously I perceived all the Siddhars surrounding me and the child and saying that they were very happy to note that I was caught in the Love and embrace of Lord Siva. Even now whenever I recollect the Maha Siddhar’s blessings the hairs on my entire body stands on end with utmost feeling of joy and gratitude!

On the very next day, a dear devotee of mine Rathinavelu based of Singapore called me and told of the wonderful dream he had in which he saw Lord Siva in the form of Dakshinamoorthy towering as tall as the Brahmarishi – hill and claimed that he had out of Grace selected that very hill to manifest in combination of Sri Kagapujandar and Annai as Sri Kagannaieshwarar and this place would be known as Kagannaisaram and would thus establish Jnanam – wisdom, Arul – Grace and Dharmam – universal order of Righteousness – and make it flourish in this world. Lord Siva had thus shown his desire to reside in the temple to be built and consecrated on the blessed hill.

As per the divine instruction, Sri Kagannai Eswarar’s Temple took form on the Brahmarishi Hill. Even as the Holy temple was being constructed by utilizing black granite stones and finishing holy designs and touches were being completed, once again the Siddhar himself came in the form of Lord Siva in February new-moon day (Amavasai) and instructed that the temple should be consecrated soon and as per the Lord’s wishes a particular day in the month of July (July 8th 2012) was selected for the Holy Consecration (Kumbabishekam).

The Selva Maha Vetri Ganapathi Temple that existed previously had been pacified – shanty – by performing – palalayam and in addition Lord Siva, Sakthi , Siddhar Holy temple constructed presently. Every day at dawn, noon and dusk sacred fire – yagna – are performed for 210 Siddhars and free food – annadhanam – is served to all the devotees, including elderly and the needy that assemble there. 


Sri Kagannai Eswarar, thus would absolve the devotee’s sins caused by Lord Shani’s influence. The sins and difficulties caused by the bad influence of all the stars and all previous life karmas and curses would be absolved for anyone who worships Sri Kagannai Eswarar. All the Maya, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra and Enthira powers are surpassed by the power of Brahmarishi-hill and the fortunate few who are able to personally visit the hill and attain tremendous gains do not understand the significance and only myself and my Guru Bhagavan Sri Kagapujandar alone realize the Exalted-Truth.