Avadhutha Pambatti Siddha

Avadhutha Pambatti Siddha also known as Tondayarpet Avadhutha Siddha

My guru, Kagapujanda Siddha, attained Samadhi in 1989. After this, my beloved devotee Viswanathan took me to meet with Pambatti Siddha. He had been living in Tondayarpet in Chennai for nearly 40 years, bare-bodied in a single room of a dilapidated house. The roof threatened to fall on the head of its occupant at any time. The floor was full of holes. Still, the Siddha seemed healthy and well built, sitting in his chair like a king on a throne.  My guru, Kagapujanda Siddha had told me that the king of the United Kingdom, George V, was an incarnation of Pambatti Siddha.  

Dealing with Pambatti Siddha was like getting military training in the Cashmere Valley of India. People were frightened to enter his room when they heard his deep, threatening voice ask, “Who is it?” One day, when the siddha seemed rather placid, I decided to discuss this with him. 

 “Swami,” I said. “When you talk to people like that, it gives them chills.”

(47) Siddha Rajakumar with Tondayarpet Avadhutha Siddha

“Yes Raja, I would hope so,” he said. “Those who try to enter this room usually want to talk about charity and compassion, but its all lip service. They are full of nothing but abuse. If I let them in, my ears will tire from hearing nothing but their problems and miseries. So far I have completed 3500 million incantations. Any magic performed by people in this world is inferior to mine. Getting one grand meal a day has become difficult for me. People bother me, assuming that I am a fortune teller-someone who delivers oracular prophecies.  I am here waiting to meet with virtuous people. Watching what is happening in the world scares me. It makes me scared of human beings.”

Once, there was a big water shortage in Chennai due to the scorching sun. I was sad, watching people of all ages who lived in nearby apartments, waiting in the heat in queues with buckets to collect water from the water Lorries. During ancient times, when kings ruled, they invited saints and performed sacred fire rituals and mass feedings to invoke the blessings of nature to grant plentiful rains.  The current governments are not in a position to do this. And no one cares about these things. The politicians are preoccupied in seeking the help of magicians and tricksters to safeguard their assets they didn’t earn lawfully. Eventually, they end up in jail or suffer incurable diseases as punishment for their dishonesty. 

When I was trekking through remote jungles with my guru Siddha Kagapujanda, he imparted to me the knowledge of how to bring plentiful rain to the land- which angel has to be worshiped and where it exists, and after the worship, how the virtuous have to be fed, even if it is just one person. At least once every few years, I make a point of visiting these locations.  

 I used to cook lunch for Pambatti Siddha and take it to his house. I served it with the utmost devotion. On one such occasion, I noticed he used a new hand cloth to wipe his hands, but never reused it. He never drank water. And even his fecal matter never smelled bad. In fact, it smelled like perfume. 

One day I told Pambatti Siddha that I wanted to visit the Thirumalai Nambi Temple in Nambi Hill.  

“What’s the hurry?” he asked.

I replied. “I’m so sad, seeing people suffering without water. My guru the Siddha said that if I perform a sacred fire ritual in the locations he showed me, the country will receive enough rain.”

“You want rain?” He asked. “Bring me eggplant gravy for my lunch tomorrow.  After that, you can leave for the Nambi Temple. When you set foot within its entrance, the heavy rain will fall so hard; it will drench your shoulder bag.” He said no more about it, just began laughing loudly. Pambatti Siddha attained Samadhi in 1994.