Singapore Tour

Siddha Rajakumar Guruji visited Singapore and Malaysia for the first time in the year 2000. This trip was totally unexpected. A few devotees from Singapore visited Guruji in India and received his blessings. They also discussed a problem their sister faced with that country’s Government. When they returned to Singapore their sister told that she had a dream of Guruji solving her problem. Eventually her problem was solved.

She was overjoyed that her problem was solved and she decided to invite Guruji to Singapore. Guruji wanted a fire pooja/yagna ceremony to be done near the ocean. When Guruji arrived in Singapore he performed fire pooja/yagna ceremony at Shanghai Beach. The devotees who visited Guruji in India from Singapore already had a prayer group in Singapore. They meet every week to do prayer. After Guruji visited them and performed fire pooja/yagna ceremony, they incorporated siddha pooja and yagna into their weekly prayer program.

This group drew many members and later it was named Gurukadaksham meaning the ‘Grace of Guru’. All the members of this group are practiced vegetarianism.

This group has the license to distribute the herbal products made in Brammarishi Hill (Sanjeevini oil, tooth powder) in Singapore.

Whenever Guruji visited Singapore he also visited Malaysia. He has visited Murugan Temple at Thaneer Malai and performed siddha yagna.

Whenever he visits Singapore he will perform a siddha yagna or Pooja in the beach.

Srilankan Tour

Siddha Rajakumar Guruji was invited to Sri Lanka by Gayathri Siddha R. K. Murugesu Swami in the year 2000. Gayathri Siddha gave Siddha Rajakumar Guruji a grand welcome and Siddha Rajakumar Guruji performed Siddha Yagna at the Sri Gayathri Peetam.

When Gayathri Siddha attained Samadhi in the year2007 Siddha Rajakumar Guruji arrived in Gayathri Peetam and performed the Samadhi rituals for Gayathri Siddha. He came back in 48 days and installed the sacred statue of Gayathri Siddha in Gayathri Peetam. 

In the year 2010, Siddha Rajakumar Guruji invited by the devotees in Sri Lanka to perform Siddha Yagna to save the country from natural calamities.

He was invited by the devotees of Sithanai Kutti Siddha in Karaitivu in the Eastern Province to install the sacred stature of Sithanai Kutti Siddha in 2011. 

Again in the 2011 he was invited by devotees to perform Siddha Yagna in Hatton in the hill country.

In the year 2017 Siddha Rajakumar Guruji performed Siddha Yagna in five different cities – Colombo, Trincomalee,  Batticaloa, Hatton and Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka.

In the year 2018 he performed Maha Rudra Yagna in Kaluvanchikudy in Batticaloa District.

Malasiyan Tour

Whenever Guruji visited Singapore he also visited Malaysia.