Guru Siddha Kagapujanda

Siddha Kagapujanda was known as Thalaiati Siddha  in this avatar. He has witnessed 75,000 million apocalypses, and has been considered as Indra of Earth by great rishi, seers, and saints. His foremost disciple Rajakumar Guruji met him in 1981 and served him until his Jeeva Samadhi in 1989 in Perambalur.

In the form of Siddha Kagapujanda, he stood around only four & half feet high. He had dark skin, through which nerves ran visibly across his skinny frame. His hair was always piled five feet high, tied and rolled above his head.  With a yellowish shirt, a green vhesti (dhoti) around his hips covering his legs, a lengthy cloth around the top of his head, and a towel lying on his shoulders, he was always adorned in multiple bright colors.

Having a great compassionate nature, both ordinary people and celebrities were always visiting him.  The medicines that were made by gathering the herbs during the mountain treks were offered freely to these visitors. 

Siddha Kagapujanda also provided free daily meals to the 300 villagers in the surrounding area who were deprived of food.Rajakumar Guruji was the first one to write about his Guru. He wrote the avatar’s secrets in his book, “Suyadharisanam” (meaning Sight of the Self). As per the book, when Siddha Kagapujanda was travelling in Perambalur, he saw a small tribal child who had fallen in a well and died. All his kin and neighbours were sitting and crying in front of his body. For some reason, Siddha Kagapujanda entered the child’s body, and to the surprise of everyone gathered, this child – named Palaniswamy – woke up, unaware of his new identity. 

As a young man, Palaniswamy married a woman and left her after she was pregnant due to the confusion in his mind. For some time, he worked in a tea stall in Mumbai, then went to Chennai and worked as a Silambam & Kusthi Teacher (a form of Indian wrestling). But after a while he returned to Perambalur to support his wife and baby. Unfortunately, not long after, his wife and child died. Again, he was lost. With no one to stay for, he started wandering in the forest.  This time, on his own again, he started realizing, slowly, who he was. Again, he came back to Perambalur, this time at the request of his father-in-law, who constructed a cottage for him. In time, this cottage became his ashram.

Being an avatar of Siddha Kagapujanda, who possessed the great power of penance, the Siddha has seen things no one else has seen, and gone beyond the peak of Gnana, crossing to the sixth peak with “Swaroopa Mani,” and heard the reverberations of Silamba.  Performing intense penance and becoming one with Kaka, (the Crow), Siddha Kagapujanda has seen all the elusive places. He has surpassed the powers of Yantra, Tantra & Indra.

Although his Jeeva Samadhi is near Perambalur, his presence is felt abundantly across the Brahmarishi Hill. There, Lord Siva manifests as a combination of Sri Kagapujanda and Annai Siddha, in the form of Sri Kagannaieshwarar. Where he resides is known as Kagannaisaram.