Monthly Activities

Every January on the day of Mattu Pongal, Siddha Rajakumar Guruji donates sugarcane to villagers near Perambalur and to the tribal people who live in hills as well as elephants in South India.

 Along with that, Rajakumar Guruji’s Maha Siddhargal Trust distributes blankets, sarees, children’s garments, school supplies, siddha medicinal oil (Sanjeevi oil), tooth powder, and herbal paste to thousands of tribal people who live in hills near Pollachi.

The secret behind visiting these sacred hills is that two of the great siddhas – Vilayatu Siddha and Vimala Siddha – have attained Jeeva Samadhi (a state of existence in which they have no physical form) in these hills.

Siddha Rajkumr says, “The significance of feeding sugarcane to an elephant is that if you feed an elephant its favorite treat-sugar cane with lots of love-at 12 noon on a Friday, it will remember you the next day at noon. If you feed the elephant for the next three days, it will remember you next year on that date. If you do not come that year to feed the elephant, it will pray to God asking him to send you with sugar cane.”


Maha Sivarathri

This is started with lighting the sacred fire atop the hills in the evening at 7 pm. Fireworks follow it.  At the temple at the base of the hills Go (cow) worship, Gaja (elephant) worship, and Asva (horse) worship are performed. After that, ablution for the idol of Siddha Kagapujanda and the sacred fire ritual to invoke the grace of the siddhas take place four times between 6 pm and 5 am.  Throughout the night and the next day, monks and all the devotees are given grand meals. The monks and the needy elderly people are given robes, too.

Feast (Guru Pooja) of Siddha Olakkoor Veer Narayana Perumal

Every year, this feast is held under the patronage of Siddha Rajakumar Guruji. It includes a sacred fire ritual, the worship of cows, and feeding the guests.

 The monks are honored and given robes. Siddha Olakkoor Veer Narayana Perumal’s Samadhi shrine is in the village of Nallathur in South India.


Visit to Nambi Hills

The functions on Nambi Hill fall on the full moon day. Sacred fire rituals to invoke the grace of the siddhas are performed for the following two days. Nearly 5,000 people visit the Hill and are fed over a span of two days.

Feast (Guru Pooja) of Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma

Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma, who may have been an avatar of Goddess Parvathi Devi, meditated for the betterment of the world in a cave infested with deadly snakes, leopards, and tigers for over four decades, acquiring many extraordinary supernatural powers in Pothigai Hill. Her feast, which includes a sacred fire ritual, worship of cows and feeding the guests, is held in Papanasam under the patronage of Siddha Rajakumar Guruji.


Feast (Guru Pooja) of Sri Mahalinga Siddha

The Shrine of Mahalinga Siddha is few miles from  Brahmarishi Hill. Following the sacred fire ritual, food is given to all who visit, and then robes are distributed to the monks. 


Aadi Amavasai (Full Moon)

Following a sacred fire ritual and mass feeding, robes for monks are donated at Sadhuragiri Hill near Madhurai.


51 days of Cow Pooja

Sacred cow worship is held consecutively for 51 days. After the pooja each day around three hundred elderly and children are given rice pudding. On the 51st day, all the women who have participated receive sarees. 


Guru Pooja of Barathvaj Maharishi at Kalahasthi Temple

A sacred fire ritual is performed at the functions of this temple, and monks and others are fed in the Barathvaj Maharishi Temple on Kalahasthi Hill.  1008 disciples of Siddha Agasthiya are in the form of lingam here at Kalahasthi Vaialingakone Siva Temple. 

The Shiva linga of Sri Kaganai Eswarar receives an ablution with rice on full moon day. A mass feeding is followed after donating robes to the monks.
Sacred cow worship is held in the morning, and then sweets are distributed along with a mass feeding afterwards. The village children and the senior citizens in need are then given clothes.


Karthigai Deepam (Festival of Lights)

On this day, a large beacon is lit atop Brahmarishi Hill, made of a 210-meter wick and 210 kilos of ghee. This is followed by fireworks. The Mahasiddhargal Trust feeds nearly 5000 people who visit the hill on this day. The members of the Trust also provide beverages. People who offer groceries and ingredients for the mass feeding receive boundless grace that wipes out their unsolved problems, bad karma, debts, and the obstacles they are currently facing in their profession. They are blessed with peace, prosperity, and eternal bliss.

Siddha Kagapujanda’s Feast (Guru Pooja)
A sacred fire ritual is followed by a mass feeding and a donation of robes to monks.