Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma

Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma had been meditating in a cave in Pothigai Hill for the past forty years. This cave was supposed to be Sage Pulasthya’s, the disciple of Sage Agasthya. She was doing penance alone, protected by siddhas and angels. She was more than 110-years-old when she attained Samadhi in 2011, and still she blesses people who come to her shrine. 

My guru Siddha Kagapujanda told me, “The people here do not know who she is. They ask her to deliver prophecies and disturb her penance.”  One day, Sadhu Krishnaveni Amma talked with him about this disturbance.


 “Swami,” she said. “The people here bother me so much. Please, grant me permission to leave this world.”

“If you are not here, who will sustain this country?” The Siddha asked. “You did not come here on your own. You were the mother of Sage Agasthiya in one of your incarnations. That’s why he keeps you in such a powerful place. I will fulfill my task soon and leave from here, but you have to stay and save this world. The lamp you light brings the siddhas to this location.  Their arrival here brings sandal rain.”