Siddha Linghi Chetti Baba

Siddha Linghi Chetti Baba

When I heard about a saint living on Linghi Chetti Street in Chennai, I rushed to him. When we were introduced, I felt a great sense of joy, of contentment. I began to meet with him in the evenings. This Swami shared all his food with everyone, regardless of how little he had or how big a crowd had gathered around.  He also shared his food with the ants and dogs, the crows and other birds. He was a tall man with matted hair, and he wore the customary headwear (turban), and a white dhoti to cover his hips. Anyone who didn’t know him might have said this siddha was insane. Still, he was popular. People from all over would come to see him.  

Once, I took his photograph.  He beckoned me over when he realized what I had done, and scolded me. Then he told me to keep the picture. Another time, I gave him new clothes for New Year’s Day. He graciously accepted them, and when he wore them, he resembled Lord Venkadajalapathi. All the money I ever received from this siddha was given to my guru immediately.

I even recall seeing him in one of my visions when I was meditating in Thai Padham, in the district of Thirunelveli. In this vision, he was carrying a bundle of diamonds.

I remember one particular occasion when I was preparing herbal medication with my guru the Siddha. We received a telegram stating that Siddha Linghi Chetti Baba had attained Samadhi.  My guru meditated for a while, then gave me a lotion. 

“Apply this lotion to his foot. It might wake him. He is none other than the avatar of Siddha Konganar, the Lord Thirupathi Venkadajalapathi.” I rushed to Chennai from Perambalur to see his body. Then I, along with other devotees, performed his Samadhi in a place called Sri Perumpudhur. 

People who believe in him and his grace continue to receive his visions. Once, he addressed me in one. “Have no doubts,” He said. “You and I are no different. I am the light in the heart of my devotees.”

It is confirmed that people who donate robes and food on the day of his Guru Feast receive the grace of Lord Venkadajalapathi.