Siddha Palani Mootai Swami

Siddha Palani Mootai Swami

Gangaiamaran and I once visited Siddha Palani Mootai Swami. It must have been around 8 pm, and he told us to come back before sunrise the next morning. So, we both changed our flight schedules in order to see the siddha again. When we woke up, we took showers and arrived at his place at 5 am. We didn’t see him until 6 am.

The siddha started to sing a popular Tamil cinema song when he met Gangaiamaran. The song said, “You and I are dolls, and everybody else is, too.”

“Look at the dragonfly,” he said to me, later. “It is flying.” I didn’t think much of it then, and Gangaiamaran and I took leave from the Siddha shortly after, flying back home out of Madhurai Airport. 

When I returned, news from my Singapore devotees was waiting for me. They had left a message: “Please take a flight to Singapore ASAP.”

Before meeting this siddha, I had a vision that I would go to Singapore. . When I arrived, I performed sacred fire rituals   by the sea. I remember I was driven in a red-colored car, and the car was parked under huge buildings.